Learn More About the Network

• All Member Rewards will vary in amount depending on the price of the home (upon closing) and the agent’s commission rate attached to that home.

• Helping Military Move Inc. strives to assign a Military-affiliated Agent to a member or sponsored party in every location requested. If there is not a military-affiliated agent available in your location, we will assign an agent as close to our standards as possible.

• Lenders and Vendors that are displayed and/or partnered with our Military-affiliated Agents are not required to be of any Military affiliation. Agents build their teams in a way that best suits our Members in order to provide the highest quality service.

• Helping Military Move Inc. reserves the right to discontinue services at any time.

• Registration/membership with Helping Military Move Inc. does not guarantee services.

• The Helping Military Move Inc. rewards and services are only guaranteed when using the network agent assigned to the member.

• Helping Military Move Inc. members reserve the right to discontinue service at any time. If the member discontinues service with the assigned agent, the right to collect a reward is waived.

• Helping Military Move, Inc. is not affiliated with any individual brokerage, nor do we represent any individual brokerage. We seek out agents that meet our standards and criteria, regardless of their brokerage affiliation.

• Helping Military Move Inc. is a stand-alone entity that represents our members and their best interests when helping them buy or sell a home.

• Helping Military Move, Inc. does not guarantee the purchase or sale of any home or property and holds no liability for any contract that is breached or failed to be upheld for any reason.

If you have questions, please email us at info@helpingmilitarymove.com. Thank you!