Q: What qualifies someone to become a Member?

A: The Member must be directly affiliated with any branch of the Government. (past or present)
Ex: Active Duty, Retired or Separated: Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Reserves, Guard, GS or DOD.

Q: How do I become a Member?

A: Completely fill out the Member registration form. You will receive a Welcome email and be connected to a Network Agent within 24 hours.

Q: Can I become a Member if I do not meet the Membership criteria?

A: Yes! You can have a qualified Member “Sponsor” you and join the Network. Once sponsored, you will be connected to the Network and split your Member Rewards with your sponsor. This is an amazing savings for Non-Qualified Members and continues to help our Military families!

Q: Does being a Member ever cost me anything?

A: No, this is a FREE service. We are here to serve YOU and give back!

Q: When can a Member use this service?

A: Anytime a Member needs to Buy or Sell a home they can use our service and receive their Member Reward.

Q: Does it matter where I live or where I’m moving?

A: No, we will connect you to a Network Agent no matter where you are located – anywhere in the U.S.

Q: How do I receive my Member Reward?

A: Upon completing your transaction, you will select either a check by mail or a wire transfer directly to your bank. (Subject to wire transfer fees)

Q: Can Helping Military Move help when building a new home?

A: YES! Our Network Agent can represent you when working with a builder. Even in a new home build, the Buyer needs to make sure they are represented individually throughout the entire process.

Q: Does the Network help find rental properties?

A: No, Helping Military Move does not help place tenants in rental properties. We can connect you to one of our local Agents to possibly assist you outside of our Network.

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